Lending Management Solutions

PayDay Loan 911's software is built to help business owners streamline operations in the Canadian payday loan, credit, collection, and debt relief industries.


PayDay Loan 911 helps businesses in the lending industry improve transparency when it comes to evaluating borrowers with a variety of customizable filters.

Collections Enablement

PayDay Loan 911's platform provides complete CRM functionality from loan processing automation to customer notification automation and more. Improve follow up and nurture collections with strategic interval messaging.


PayDay Loan 911 works with you to align your business goals and objectives with the right features and functionality to suit your operational needs.

Implementation Management

PayDay Loan 911 learns about your current systems and processes to get you set-up on the PayDay Loan 911 platform using a framework that is familiar to you and your employees for easy adoption.

PayDay Loan 911 Software Customization

If there is a specific functionality you need that PayDay Loan 911 doesn't offer we will work with you to design and develop a customized solution for your business.

WHY PayDay Loan 911

Reduces the amount of time to process a payday loan application
Facilitates detailed payday loan histories
Automated repayment tracking reminders
Offers all standard CRM functions
24/7 PayDay Loan 911 Support
Reduces user input for cheque cashing


PayDay Loan 911 has successfully developed two software products. The first is a turn-key software used by Canadian payday loan firms. This software offers a comprehensive suite of resources for a payday loan operator. The second is concurrent payday loan verification. This software is available to any Canadian government agency seeking to mandate the submission of borrower's data by payday loan lenders to a government database to prevent concurrent payday loans.

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