Financial Literacy Workshop with ACORN Canada

Quickcheck Canada
September 30, 2016

Roy Toker, Executive Vice President of Quickcheck Canada; Kemba Robinson ACORN Leader; Donna Borden ACORN Leader

Quickcheck Canada is proud to have co-sponsored a financial literacy program with ACORN Canada ( on September 13th at the Firgrove Learning and Innovation Centre in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood in Toronto. ACORN is an independent organization for low and moderate income families with numerous chapters across Canada. This recent financial literacy workshop is scheduled to be the first of a number of similar events to be co-sponsored by ACORN and Quickcheck Canada.

Roy Toker, Executive Vice President of Quickcheck Canada, reiterated Quickcheck Canada's financial support for the important work of ACORN Canada. Roy spoke to the crowd about some of the reforms of the payday loan industry currently under consideration by the Ontario Legislature. He also stressed the importance of a government database to prevent the problem of concurrent payday loans.

The meeting featured two guest speakers, former collection lawyer and collection industry insider Mark Silverthorn, and Charlie McVean, a registered insolvency counsellor.

Mark Silverthorn made a Powerpoint presentation with advice for dealing with collection calls and a consumer's various debt relief alternatives. Charlie McVean gave a presentation in which he described some fundamental concepts in good budgeting. Charlie also led a lively discussion regarding bank service charges.

Those attending the event received a complimentary USB stick bearing the Quickcheck Canada logo. This USB stick contained several files that further explained the information that was presented. It included, advice from Mark Silvethorn describing ways to handle collection calls and debt relief options in a short video. It also contained budget sheets and how to obtain a free credit report from Equifax and Trans Union.

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