Quickcheck Canada Hosts Luncheon with Ontario Lawmakers at Queen's Park

Quickcheck Canada
October 21, 2016

Abdul Kornes, Strategic Operations Director; Sedef Karasu, CEO of Quickcheck Canada; Hon. Minister Steven Del Duca, MPP (Vaughan); Roy Toker, Executive Vice President; Elisa Damiano, Executive Assistant.

On October 17th Quickcheck Canada visited Queen's Park where it met with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), was recognized in the House, and where it hosted a special lunch in Ontario's historic main legislative building.

Woodbridge, Ontario-based Quickcheck Canada was the guest of the Honourable Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation, and MPP of Vaughan. The company was honoured to receive an introduction by him to his House colleagues prior to Question Period. Hon. Del Duca also provided formal remarks at the lunch reception.

The purpose of the day was not only to advance the discussion between Quickcheck Canada and lawmakers, but also to highlight the importance of greater consumer protection in Ontario's unique payday loan environment. Specifically, Quickcheck used the visit to educate MPPs and staff on its 'real time database tracking system,' which, if procured by government, would ensure that provincial laws around rollover loans and simultaneous lending would be properly enforced.

Roy Toker, Executive Vice President

Hon. Minister Steven Del Duca, MPP (Vaughan)

Over 30 MPPs and 40 staff from all parties were guests at the lunch reception. Those in attendance heard comments from both Hon. Steven Del Duca and Roy Toker, Executive Vice President of Quickcheck Canada. Attendees watched a short video that gave an overview of the company and its technology.

Quickcheck Canada continues its work in building profile for the importance of its database tracking system solution. The company remains hopeful that an opportunity to work with the Ontario government, and other governments, will arise in the near future.

Roy Toker, Executive Vice President; Donna Borden, ACORN Leader; Elisa Damiano, Executive Assistant; Sedef Karansu, CEO of Quickcheck Canada; Abdul Kornes, Strategic Operations Director.

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