Real-Time Database System


Instantly verify a borrower’s identity, home, and place of work
See all outstanding loans to prevent multiple simultaneous borrowing
Provide valuable real-time demographics and offer data to the government and the industry to facilitate policy creation
Generates automatic reporting

Reduce bad debt expenses for lenders

PayDay Loan 911 Real Time Solution Software will assist the industry in maximizing return on investment while reducing fraud, collection/recovery costs and multiple simultaneous borrowing.

With PayDay Loan 911 you will know both your long standing and new customers as well as bank knows theirs.


Secured with SHA 256 Bit Encryption
Leverages the latest in cloud computing technology
All servers storing data located within Canada

World class data security

Ontario’s Payday Loan Landscape


  • Each year, approximately 400,000 Ontarians take out a payday loan at one of the 796 payday loan locations province-wide
  • Approximately $1- $1.5 billion in payday loans are issued each year
  • There has been a two-decade long rise in the volume of the payday lending business, which coincides with a record run-up in borrowing
  • Canadians have never been more in debt - total household credit topped $1.8 trillion in 2014
  • Senior citizens are among those most negatively impacted

Roll over loans

The concern with both roll over and back to back loans is that the penalty fees or charges associated with a new loan increases the borrower's short term debt load making the loan increasingly difficult to repay. For many borrowers with payday loans, they don't just owe one company, but have an average of three outstanding payday loans with a total balance owing over $2,500.

Borrowers may become dependent on payday loans and enter a cycle of debt, continually paying interest and other charges that quickly exceed the initial value of the loan in order or avoid defaulting. While in Ontario "rollover" loans are illegal, there is currently no effective way to enforce this law.

One of the major problems facing the payday loan industry is concurrent payday loans. This arises where a consumer takes out more than one payday loan from two or more payday loan operators on the strength of their next paycheque. At the present time, no Canadian province has an effective mechanism for preventing concurrent payday loans.

What can PayDay Loan 911
offer government regulators?

PayDay Loan 911 is proud to be able to offer Canadian governments software to satisfy all the requirements of a government verification database for payday loans.

  • 100% owned Canadian company
  • Software developed by Canadian software developer
  • World-class security of data
  • Can guarantee that no data is stored outside Canada
  • Compliance with Canadian privacy legislation
  • Offer service level guarantees
  • Offer Proof of Concept
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